E – Forest Alphabet Greeting Card


This high quality detailed and intricately rendered greeting card is inspired by UK ancient forests. Each letter depicts an animal or plant beginning with that letter, for example ‘Elenora’s Falcon & European Yew’. This card would make a perfect personalised gift for nature lovers and suitable for any occasion.

Made from: Each card is printed onto 300 gsm matte paper stock which is fsc certified and come with grey natural recycled envelopes. The cards are packaged in a biodegradable display pocket for protection.

Dimensions: Folded card size: (A6) 105 mm wide x 148 mm high.

Each card has the descriptive details of the image printed on the reverse of the card:

A – Alpine Swift & Ash
B – Bechstein’s Myotis Bat & Baltic Bog Moss
C – Chinese Water Deer & Corn Cleavers
D – Dusky Warbler & Deptford Pink
E – Elenora’s Falcon & European Yew
F – Fire bellied toad & Fingered speedwell
G – Greater capricorn beetle & Ghost Orchid
H – Harvest Mice & Horse Chestnut
I – Iberian chiff chaff & Ivy
J – Jay & Juniper
K – Kestrel & Killarney fern
L – Large copper & Lady Orchid
M – Mountain Hare & Marsh Clubmoss
N – Natterjack Toad & Narrow Leaved Helleborine
O – Old World Otter & One-flowered wintergreen
P – Pallid Harrier & Pheasant’s eye
Q – Quail & Quercus robar (Oak)
R – Red Kite & Red-tipped cudweed
S – Spotted Eagle & Snowdrop
T – Tree Sparrow & Tower Mustard
U – Undergrowth
V – Venushair & Velvet Scoter
W – Woodcock & Willmott’s Whitebeam
X – × cuprocyparis leylandii
Y – Yellow-rumped warbler & Yellow bird’s nest
Z – Zoology

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